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 Brow Tint & Lamination 

Spring Blossom

Brow lamination is the pain-free process of lifting and straightening your eyebrow hairs with a chemical solution to create a fuller look to achieve your desired shape. 

The dynamic duo of Brow Lamination & Tinting

Elevating your look has never been easier. As a microblading alternative, laminated brows involve a non-invasive procedure that is affordable, easy to get, and long-lasting. This process provides you with a smooth, shiny and defined finish that will last for 6 to 8 weeks. You will love the clean, beautiful look brown lamination provides. 

An innovative beauty technique that requires a keratin-based chemical solution that relaxes the hairs, giving your aesthetician the flexibility to lift your brows and create tall, straight hairs. 

If you are struggling with hair thinning, patches, and unevenness in your brows with strands growing in opposite directions, call us to find out if this service would be right for you!

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